Monday, February 23, 2009

Not at all like the Amber Fey

For tonight's game, we are playing against Green Fey again. After tying them the last time, a win would be nice.

I had no idea what a Green Fey was, so I did a little search. I thought it might have something with 30 Rock and Tina Fey, but what I found was much more complicated. And lame.

Apparently this is from an on-line, post-apocolyptic role-playing game called Gainar. "In a world where darkness looms, and the shambling dead outnumber the living, a handful of heroes can rekindle the dying light." Who do they think they are...Dylan Thomas?

I hear the cleats in this game are awesome though...

So, what's a Fey?

"Base Movement of 9//, Base AC of 9, non-natives to Gaianar, full flight capability, able to assume an ghostly, energy form for limited periods, able to fire wind blasts at foes, motion-vector detection, ultra-vision, very vulnerable to iron, suffers an experience penalty."

But that's not all. Each different colour Fey is different (duh!):

"Unlike the amber Fey, insanity made the green Fey nasty. They hate all ground-bound races on Gaianar, and will seek to destroy any Human Priest, regardless of their faith. Moreover, they view the Dwarven race as a non-sentient animal race and use them for slave labour and/or food. Green Fey never become Priests of any kind, but instead are Thieves, fighters of all sorts, and hired assassins. Green Fey are always Satanic, and have forsworn supernatural practices to the point that they now have a 25% resistance to all spiritual powers."

Like Towelie, I have no idea what's going on. But I guess we have to be mindful of these full-flight capable, insane, satanic aliens of Gaianar, whatever the hell that means.

[Of course, I'm sure Gaianar players would be like "What the fuck is Ultimate?" if asked, so who am I to judge?]

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