Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And it begins

The Hounds kicked off the season in style, with a convincing 17-5 victory over Drastic Plastic on Monday night. So, what can we take from the game? Honestly, not too much considering DP only had 8 players compared to our 12.

After some first-game jitters, we settled down and took control of the game. A 3-2 deficit quickly turned into a 15-3 lead. We got some good practice in with the HO, with more work to come, since it pretty much suck-diddly-ucked.

How do you get a good HO going? The same way you get to Carnegie Hall...practice. You thought I was going to go with a "lady of the night/HO" reference, didn't you? You don't know me at all...

Some observations:

- Dan L is tall. He definitely ups the height average of the team...too bad Nat and I are bringing it down. Welcome!

- Holiday Mondays = traffic and people coming home late from weekends away. Only 3 more to go! Matt, bring your cleats next time.

- Uniforms are coming! Make sure you have paid Simon by Monday, or else you'll look foolish in your oh-so-old-fashioned 2006 jersey.

Don't forget about practice tomorrow at North Toronto (Yonge/Roehampton). Be there, or Simon will tell you that you suck.

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