Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're as cold as ice

OK, here is a drunken promise made one night to Nat and Tien: the "Hounds on Ice" theme song.  I was thinking the italicized part could be part of this weekend's post-game spirit thingy. 

(With apologies to Foreigner)

Hounds  on Ice

We are Hounds on Ice, we’re willing to sacrifice, our warmth.
Frisbee is our vice, Monday we’ll pay the price, we know

We’ve seen it before it happens all the time,
We’re throwing the disc, we leave our mark behind
We layout for glory, not throwing away
The disc in the endzone, come Monday we’ll pay

We are Hounds on Ice, Flatball in the snow and ice, we love
We found paradise, but our legs have paid the price, we know

We’ve seen it before, it happens once a year
Snowplate is no chore, so crack open a beer
We’re all here for fun, here’s to a great day
(Hooray for) [insert opponents’ name], and thanks for the game

Hounds on Ice – you know that we are
Hounds on Ice – The Hounds on Ice disc team
Hounds on Ice

We are Hounds on Ice, roll the dice, it’s cold, yes it’s cold
We are Hounds on Ice, cold as ice, we know, oh yes we know
We are Hounds on Ice, steam some rice, to go, oh yes to go
We are Hounds on Ice…(fade)


Tien said...

Does Guitar Have that song?
I feel a rehearsal session coming on....maybe Jay & Dianne have some Foriegner on vinyl

JOEL said...

I love it....I can just see Chris belting it out with the guitar hero guitar in his hands