Monday, June 09, 2008

Exhaustion setting in

Get it? It's a Hound, and he's tired!

Oh Gender Blender. You were so much fun; at least the parts that I can remember. But now I'm stuck at my desk, and I can feel my legs tightening and my liver rebelling with every email that arrives in my Inbox.

[Turn your sarcasm detectors on]

So, there's nothing I'd rather do tonight than play my 8th game in 3 days.

"My God, this baby is off the charts!"

See you tonight at 7:00 at BMO. We play Disc Horde. We beat them twice last year. They haven't lost yet this year. Let's change that. Why are my sentances so short?


Christian said...

Sandwiches are awesome.

Tien said...

So is KFC.

Christian said...

KFC rules. Although, I was really bummed that there weren't any drumsticks. Those are my favourite!