Sunday, June 29, 2008

Canada Day excitement

Sometimes, I love where I live.

One of the best parts about my location is that every May 24 and Canada Day I have a great view of the fireworks at Ontario Place (not to mention all the Joe Schmo fireworks throughout the city).

It's like my own personal Feist video...except for the cute little Indie singer (apparently that's going to be a part of Phase 3).

The worst part about where I live: zombie attacks.

In actual RTH news

Since Ventura Wu would prefer to lounge around and relax at the cottage instead of getting their butts whooped by us, we (and when I say "we", I mean "I") had to find another opponent for Monday.

Luckily, Yoink is going to be around and also was without someone to play.  So, like eharmony, TUC used their two dimensions of compatibility (plays on Mondays; needs an opponent) to match us up.

More importantly, Pierre will be coming out to relive his Hounds (and maybe Beach) glory days.  Hopefully he has his cleats, because we could use a few more ill-advised hammers in our game.

Irish Car Bombs to follow.  Hopefully you have the day off on Tuesday.

Release the Hounds vs Yoink - 6:30pm, Eglinton Flats Rugby 9.

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Christian said...

Wait ... did we just beat Mandrew? It felt so ho-hum. I mean, this was a team that has always whooped our ass, and we killed it.

It feels kind of like you hooked up with the hottest girl in high school after spending the weekend at the Playboy mansion.