Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Only 12 days of interviews left

A quick copy and paste of the email that Lyanne sent out today about the Superbowl party. Michelle and I are looking forward to it.

"Hey all you Hounds!

Super Bowl is coming up! What better excuse to eat tons of food, drink lots of beer, and bet money on all things related to every minute of the big game (from who which team will win the coin toss, to which team will win the game)! Fortunately, Chris managed to schedule our game for that day nice and early, so we're all set (Chris - you're the man!)

Here are the details:
DATE: Sunday, February 4th (not this Sunday, but the Sunday after that)
TIME: As soon as our game is over
LOCATION: TBD - we'll host at our place, unless someone else wants to volunteer their house
WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Money (probably about $20 or $25; a portion of that will go to covering food/beer/drink costs, while the rest will go into some fancy betting schemes that Chris will be drawing up... you may leave this party richer than you arrived!)
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Just let me know whether or not you'll be coming, and whether or not you're bringing someone with you

That's it for now... more details to follow later - just thought I'd get this message out now, so that you can get this Hound-o-rrific event marked on your schedule!




bonners said...

I'm planning on taking the following Monday as a vacation so be prepared to see the oft-talked about but rarely seen "Drunk Bonnie"

Chopper said...

I have seen "Coke Bonnie", "Milk Bonnie" and "One Beer Bonnie", but never, EVER, have I seen "Drunk Bonnie". Unfortunately, I have three days of strategic planning meetings following this football shin dig, so the best I can offer is "Three Beers Lyanne"... but I cannot wait to meet DRUNK BONNIE!!!

Scamper said...

"Coke Bonnie?" Is there something I don't know about?
Bonnie, you told me that bag of white powder was icing sugar!