Monday, January 29, 2007

You got served

Well, the Sunday 7:30pm Ultimatum came and went, and we're still here. A 41-20 final score and the crew from Ultimatum went home wondering where Santa's Little Helpers went.

I thought we had good flow moving the disc down the field, and it was probably the best we have done at getting the disc off the sidelines. Much less forced throws down the line than usual. Still a few too many ill-advised throws into the endzone (um...Bonnie behind the back?), but considering the game was well in hand, that would be the time to try them. Considering they had a short bench, it was tough to take too much from the second half of the game. They were pretty much done, giving us half-field after each point.

Defensively, once we shored up the strategy, we made them go deep into stall counts and make difficult throws, which is exactly what we want.

And who can forget the Hounds Hard Hat winner, Christian, who seemed to get open whenever he wanted, was great at moving the disc around and of course had his usually fare of excellent defensive plays.

Any other thoughts about the game? How can we continue to improve?

Finally, allow me to use this South Park clip to illustrate yesterday's game. Please note, we are not the South Park boys.

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Nat said...

Congrats to Christian "Kid" Parsons - awesome game as per usual! Great game overall Hounds! Though I think we still need to work on some things.

We seemed to be clogging in the endzone again - we need to be conscious of who's around and if there's too many people in the endzone - get out. There should only be a max of 2 ppl in there.

We also need stop holding onto disc and move it faster. This does not mean making ill-advised throws in the name of speed, but it means making faster throws and moving it around. We should never get up to stall 8. We've got good players who are making good cuts - let's use this. And if we do get up to a high stall count - reset the disc.

Let's use more of the Zone D - it works. Means that we'll have to communicate more to each other on the field.

Agree with Chris that we used more of the field this time and we had less instances of forcing the throw up the line.

Just my two cents - comments?