Friday, January 26, 2007

Show me the WMD's or else I'll invade Iraq

"To the Iraqi people complaining about matters like no running water and getting bombed in the streets, I have this to say: I'm playing the world's smallest violin, just for you."

What does all this lead up to? Well, our showdown with "Ultimatum" this Sunday. It's at Varsity Centre - North at 7:30pm.

And, just to clarify the opponent, this is not Ultimatum, the team that kicked Peanut Butter Jelly Time's butts in Fall Wednesday league. It is, however, the Ultimatum that beat Santa's Little Helpers in the Spring and Summer Tuesday league.

Honestly, can't you come up with a more original name? It's right up there with "Ultimate Warriors" and "Hammer Time" as the most-used name in Ultimate Frisbee. It's almost as bad as "Sets in the City" for Volleyball.


Pierre said...

Good job on the trash talk!!!!

Just for giggle, how does Is This The Beach rank in terms of originality?

Scamper said...

Well, I can say for sure that no one has been called that before...unless they were playing on, you know, a beach.