Monday, August 06, 2007

In the morning, laughing happy fish eyes; in the evening, floating in the soup

I actually took this picture on vacation in the Philippines. I knew we'd be playing these jokers someday...

Good win last night Hounds. It got a little tough coming up against their zone, but otherwise we had some very good flow when we were up against a man d. I really like how that has been working the past month and a half. On offense, we've been eating them up...yum.

Defensively we were like Pearl Jam: Better Man. I think we should try to work in some zone before the playoffs, as well as shore up our deep issues. We're still putting lots of pressure on the other teams to make tough plays...we just need to make sure those plays come out in our favour.

Thoughts on how we can improve defensively? How about when we come up against a zone?


Simon said...

I think our offence against the zone was patient and effective, right up until we threw it away... Seriously, it's just about keeping a balanced view of when to take advantage of the break and when to be sure and dump it back. Also I feel like when a swing does happen it should go right across the field quickly and get the first pass up the outside.

Another comment on deep offence - I think it's worth a few well gauged hucks by the big arms on our team once in a while to keep them honest (Dan N, Tien, you know who you are) - at times Bonnie or I were 25 yards behind their deep but we didn't make the play. We should watch for that opportunity, then quickly get the disc to the right person for the throw.

Pierre said...

I also think that our offense was impressive, although we should really focus on knowing when to dump it back.

On D, we have to make sure we keep that last man in check so that they know they have no chance.

Also, if you spend 3 days camping in Saguenay in August, we shouldn't forget how cold the weather can be, pack more than one pair of pants, and be happy if one of the day was actually nice and sunny.

I miss you :-)