Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Do the Monday Countdown

It's been a couple of months, but Release the Hounds made their way back onto the pitch last night, taking on the Disciples of Love to open the "Fall" TUC League. After some initial suckiness by both sides, The Hounds were able to forge ahead and take the first game of the season, 32-27 (give or take 5 points). Lyanne will work to keep that perfect record as Field Captain next week.

I thought our offense was solid, but also a little sporadic. I heard something about using horizontal, but it seemed that we didn't really have much structure. But it's the first game, and I'm sure we'll shore that up.

Even though the HHH wasn't there (cough Wongs cough!), I have been informed that the winner was Joel, thanks to his great hustle on offense, and domination on defense. I'm sure it has nothing to do with guilting him for the fact he's missing the next two weeks.

Some things to note:

1) BMO is a nice field...if you're into things like soft turf and lots of space.
2) The fast pace of speedpoint suits our style.
3) Subs rule! Big Dan, Tyler, Sarah...glad we had them there.
4) 11pm games...BOO!
5) That scoreboard was too confusing to operate...our trouble with it means one thing: we need Cindy back!

When I saw that we were playing the Disciples of Love, I was trying to find some inspiration for the post. All I could find on them was their old site, which is pretty much a BBS that has been spammed worse than my old Hotmail account.

For me, there is another group that I consider to be the true Disciples of Love:


joel said...

HHH award! Thanks teammates. I guess Idahucker Tues Champs stays up, unless chris decides to use some other embarrasing picture of me.

Pierre said...

Congrats Joel and team for a first of many wins.

Chris: do I still get a t-shirt if we win the season? I'm just checking, assuming this is a formality...

TylerWeir said...

Glad I could help.