Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I just wanna go to the rooftops and scream: Hounds beat Mandrew!!!!

Remember at the end of "The Karate Kid" when Daniel fought Johnny for the All-Valley Under-18 Karate Championships? After getting beat up for months, he finally defeated his nemesis and earned his respect at the same time. It was amazing! Who else wasn't cheering on Daniel when he went into the "Crane" stance? I mean who else besides Christian, who was 1 when this movie was released...

Ok, so that's about the opposite of how we reacted on Monday.

After two really, really bad losses last year, (and after two false starts this year), this past Monday the Hounds played, and finally beat, the venerable Monday team Mandrew. Even though 8 players had been busting their asses at Regionals, we managed to bring enough energy (and subs) to turn a 9-8 deficit at half in to a 17-12 victory.

Was it me, or were we as excited for that win as we were when we beat MOB in the winter? Seriously...this team kicked our asses last year...twice! Let's how some enthusiasm!

We will definitely have to watch out for them later as they are quite pissed off now. Plus, they were missing some of their key players.

Best comment at the lunch table at work on Tuesday

Me, to Rol: "Don' worry. Half of your team was tired from playing Regionals this weekend. Oh wait...that was us."

Perhaps that didn't help the whole "pissed off" thing. But c'mon, it was funny...

Bonnie can now retire (not really)

Where else can you go after hand-blocking an Olympic Gold medalist twice?

Then and now

Do you remember the time last year when Mandrew zoned us and we kept screwing up? Do you remember the time on Monday when they tried to zone us and we ripped through it faster than a 6-year-old tears through his Christmas presents? Do you remember the time when Michael Jackson released the "Remember the Time" video and it was showed on Fox? What a self-indulgent piece of garbage that was. Ooh, you kissed Iman and turned into sand...good for you...

From the makers of "Where's Waldo?"
Where's Simon?

[Hint: not at Eglinton Flats]

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bonners said...

I can't find Simon. I can't remember what he looks like.