Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two letters to the Hounds

Dear First Half Hounds,

Great work.  We were running with a quality team, and were right there trading points with them.  We were working the disc around, running hard and connecting on our strikes.  We played tough defense, making them work, covering the deep and causing turnovers.  There was a lot to like about the way we played.


Dear Second Half Hounds,





Simon said...

Much like the blood sugar rush of eating a banana and the subsequent crash, it appears there is a similar phenomena related to "Rock band buzz".

It lasts about 25 minutes.

Joel said...

Hey Hounds,

I expect a win next week against Spidermonkey. Kick some serious arachnidpork!

See you the week after.

Christian said...

Oh we will. I'm going to get all hopped up on Mountain Dew just to be sure.