Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A refresher on Speedpoint

I played my first indoor game of the season last night, right after playing my final outdoor game of the season. Thank Jeebus indoor is starting, because it was colder than Hell in a Capital One commercial. Seriously, I haven't worn that many layers to play Ultimate since Snowplate. Come to think of it, it might have actually been warmer at Snowplate!

So, some important rule differences to note about Speedpoint:
  1. Stall Count is 8, not 10.
  2. If the disc hits an object that is out of bounds, it's a turnover at the spot where it went out of bounds, not where it hit the object.
  3. When there is a score, or when there is a turnover in the endzone in the endzone, the disc is put into play from that spot. It is not walked up to the goalline.
  4. If the disc lands or rolls out of the endzone, then the play is restarted on the goalline

Aside from rules, there is the change in strategy from outdoor to indoor. After a crap-load of ultimate this summer, it was very strange to play indoor. No wind means that swilly throws are always in play, and of course everyone starts to pull out the hammer.

There is also the change in field size. While Field B is wider than CC Sabathia, Fields A and C are much narrower, so it will be important to maintain a solid structure when making cuts. On offense we'll be running a 3-3 Horizontal.

As we have learned from experience, there are some keys to success in the indoor game. Cuts should be timed well to maximize openness without cutting others off. As well, cutters should try to keep into their lanes. Also, since it's speedpoint, everyone should always be running hard and subbing quickly. If you're not running...sub off!

As we'll be running a Ho, it is imperative that we get the disc off of the sideline. If we have the disc within 10 feet of the forced sideline (unless there is an open upfield pass right away), we should be looking to swing the disc to get it off the line. This will open up the field, get more cutters involved with the play, allow the Ho stack to fluorish, and minimize any dangers of hitting the mesh/lights.

Finally, we should try to keep the disc moving as much as possible. Lots of passes keeps the defense on their heels. Obviously, we'll pull out the long bombs (especially with Frogger on the team), but we should try to play an up-tempo style, which I think suits our speed and overall team hustle.

Tonight we begin play with Tony and Carmel, one of the strongest teams in the league. Let's work hard and start off the season with a big upset victory!


Christian said...

You've changed man. Your posts used to be a quick reference to the Simpsons, maybe a clip from Family Guy or a weird 90s band that nobody remembers. Now you're all serious about strategy and stuff.

And I'm still the only one who reads this. Cater to your audience!

Joel said...

not really, you just post all the time....jeez, don't you have a life christian?