Monday, July 21, 2008

New Jersey wasn't as good as Slippery When Wet

Tonight we're playing against Disc Horde, a team that we beat earlier this season 17-10. We'll be at the new Field Turf fields at Downsview Park, so they won't be as affected by all the rain we've been having.

In more important news, we are hoping to get our new jerseys tonight. I have seen the design, so I'll give a little inspiration without ruining anything:

As long as it's ready for me to pick up from VC today, I'm definitely looking forward to getting the new jersey tonight . Much moreso than this New Jersey:

Not that the album is that bad, it just wasn't Slippery When Wet, which was a monster (Livin' on a Prayer AND Wanted Dead or Alive). Of course, the New Jersey album does have a song that definitely does NOT apply to Simon this Summer.


Simon said...

Hey listen joker. I don't see the Hounds going out to bars when I'm not there, which is a miracle.

Without any socials in ultimate you're kind of dying, which definitely isn't much of a living...and anyway, stop banging your drum, cos you really got me now.

Nuff said.

Chris said...

Not exactly true...we've gone out a few times when you haven't been there.

It is tough to keep the socials going when the majority of the team is tired from weekend tournaments. That's why we need the non-tourers to encourage us to get to the bar.

Anonymous said...

I have a brilliant solution that could solve this: drinking on the sidelines. It's what you do at the bar, but people can't wuss out and say that they have to go home early.


Christian said...

Oh wait. Anonymous was me.

Chris said...

Christian - it's not about the's about taking advantage of Simon's "get out of jail free" cards that is his Monday nights.

To be more social, we could take advantage of the Bolton weekend...if only I was included in the email ;-)

How about a Step Brothers outing on the Holiday Monday?

Joel said...

What's this? There's a Bolton weekend going on? How come I didn't get the email.....oh that's right, I sent it out!!

See you all on Saturday!