Monday, July 28, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

After a fun weekend, we get back to business tonight as we take on 4D for the second time this season. Last time they got 10 points...let's make sure they get less this time.

The game is at Caledonia Park, at Lawrence and Caledonia (on top of the hill). Be there by 6:30pm.

And now for my new segment, CHEERS AND JEERS:

To Joel and Steph for hosting the weekend.


To Nat, for not coming.


To the awesome Slip & Slide (or "large sheet of plastic facing down a hill", since it wasn't an actual Slip & Slide).

To the hole at the bottom of the aforementioned Slip & Slide, which wrenched my flickin' thumb backwards. It's pretty sore, but I should still be able to play. Just no thumb-wrestling for me for awhile.

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