Friday, February 23, 2007

The Hounds Abide

OK, so we're still a little bitter after last week's "result" with Choad. So, let's take it out on Flick Fu. They're in last, and have a -103...let's just say they are a little "out of their element" here. The key to victory will be coming out and announcing our presence with authority. An early lead will allow us to work on a few things (zone, upside-down throws, etc...) while working with a cushion. Other than that, just play the way we know we can - smart and quick disc movement, intensity on O and D, and of course, Simon's hammers.

Afterwards, Laura, Dennis and a cast of thousands will be going to Danforth Bowl to celebrate Dennis' birthday with some bowling. Laura says more details are the meantime, just don't pee on anyone's rug.


Laura said...

Bowling's been changed to 2pm on Sunday. Hope some of you can still make it!

Simon said...

I'm renting that movie.
That's all there is to it.