Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hounds and Friends at Mid-Season

Half of the Hounds were joined by some friends as we competed in the TUC Mid-Season Tournament this past weekend. Austin, Bonnie, Chris, Christian, Laura, Lyanne, Nat and Tien combined Brendan, Dana, Hamid, Lara, Mark C, Mark W, Natasha, Sarah, Sue, and Tyler to form a team that was a little short on height, but had some good speed and skills that some real potential to do some damage.

The initial seeds landed us at 7th out of 37, with us playing 6th seed Throw Les Vaches, Disc in a Box, ELEVEN and Plan Jedi on Saturday. Nat helped me to set the roster and scope out the opponents, while Bonnie supplied the spirit prizes (Which, by the way, she described to me as "crappity crap". If that was crappity crap, then I hope I'm on the receiving end when she gives out the good stuff). It was a beautiful day, Lara and Brendan brought muffins; we were ready.

We started in the late morning (so Christian wouldn't be so hung over) with a game against "Disc in a Box". Obviously, this team saw my Valentine's Day post. After some introductions, some jitters caused us to lose the first point of the game. But not to worry...we scored the next 13.

After a break, we then played 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-ELEVEN! Another efficient effort led to a 13-2 victory. The highlight of the game was the quick series of passes to shred their zone, where the disc went from person to person but never seemed to stop moving.

This allowed us the time to get to the other end of Sunnybrook to play our late game earlier; which meant we wouldn't have to stay at Sunnybrook until 8:00. We played Throw Les Vaches in a battle of the top seeds in the pool. The game started with each team scoring a few points in a row, leading to a 3-3 score. Next thing we know, the game was over and we won 13-5.

Our final game was against Plan Jedi. I missed this one, but we won 13-4, so Tien must have handled things swimmingly, even though there were only 4 or 5 men left standing at the end of the day.

Sunday arrived, with us playing as the 6th seed against #12, Kooks. This was a team that featured several Zen players, including temporary opponent, Sue. A "Sunday morning start" has us alarmed as we found ourselves in a fight early, but we worked through and powered to a 12-6 win.

This put us in the quarter-finals against Game, Set, Schlitz! (aka COOL). They were our most difficult opposition. We hung tough and kept up with the taller and more experienced team in the first half. However, we had trouble maintaining flow and containing their height and speed, and we fell 12-6. Hamid managed a win where we could not, as he defeated Sarah in the Schlitz-chug.

We then went on to play the Disciples of Love in the consolation round. A roster that had 16 at one point was down to 11, and a tired team lost 12-10. There was a final game scheduled against Play Anything, but both teams decided to call it a draw, leaving us in a tie for 7th. After 7 games and with a game looming on Monday for most players, it was probably the right call.

So, good showing by those who played this weekend. It was fun, and I think we had a good, competitive team that played well. To quote Mark W, "I'll see you guys out there on the green stuff."


Tien said...

That was 12-10 against Disciples....not that it matters, we could have taken them....the spectating team totally thought we won and that's what really counts, right?

Christian said...

Tien's absolutely right. I mean that's why I play these small tournaments... For the fans.