Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm getting sick of Volleyball

We're playing the Ultimate Volleyball Team again (10pm, BMO C). The first time we played them, we won 41-11. The second time we played them, they defaulted (so, 6-0 win for us). I expect the score for tonight to be somewhere in between those two.

As for the actual game of volleyball, I don't even like to play it. We all know my issues with height and jumping; so the fact that I have to hit the ball over an 8-foot high net right away depresses me. Add to it the sore arms and jammed fingers that result from bumping, passing and blocking, and this is a sport I am happy not to play.

But after seeing this picture, I may change my mind.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Because that means we have ultimate tonight.

Yes, due to the TUC/BMO confusion, we play tonight against Slam Dunks at 11pm. Nice to see our top ranking got us this illustrious time slot. I'm glad too, because it's not like some of us have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to run a Beach Dodgeball Tournament or anything.

I have no idea who Slam Dunks are, but I'm sure they are nice people who don't deserve the beating they are going to get tonight.

For those of you looking to do something beforehand, Bonners is hosting a carpal tunnel workshop Guitar Hero night at her place.

This is almost where I am at for my music knowledge...other than the 30 minutes listening to the radio in the car on the way to and from work. And even that ends up being pretty much just the Hip, Rush and [insert new Canadian band here].

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guys with more hops than me

I will be the first to admit that I can't jump very high. Combine this with the fact that I'm short, and, well, let's just say that Dwight Howard doesn't need to worry about me taking his Slam Dunk title away from him.

This is why I secretly hate Joel. Sure, Joel is a great guy and teammate, but not only is he tall enough that he doesn't need to stand on a chair to change a lightbulb, he can also jump through the roof. It is very annoying. That is why I am funding a project to travel back in time to steal his Height Mojo. I hope it works better than that time I tried to equip sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads.

But there are others who I might also target. Like Kansas City Royal Joey Gathright (already known for jumping over cars); who decided that the best way to avoid a tag was to jump OVER a pitcher on his way to first base:

Of course, this has already been done on the ultimate field, by Beau Kittridge of Colorado's Mamabird:

I hate you all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Different kinds of Easter eggs

Yay! I get to work today! Woohoo!

For those of you who have time (either ot work or at home) here are different kinds of Easter Eggs:

See you tonight when we take on Sasquatch and the Dumpling Gang. Don't forget it's at Varsity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hounds > Love

Monday's game left me with an weird feeling. While it's always nice to win, we didn't seem to play very well. What to make of it all?

Well, we did manage to shut them out for awhile (10-0!), which is quite the accomplishment against this squad. It's not like we were playing those chokers on Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner... Plus, holding the Disciples to only 13 points is a good effort. So cheers to the defense.

Jeers though must go to the offense, which only managed to score 19 times. What is this, regular point?

Something that I noticed was that the stack was set much too far away. This took away any solid deep threats, while giving their D a chance to catch up to us on our in cuts. How many deep throws did we have? With our speed, we should be trying to set that up more. Even if it isn't there, a deep strike sets up solid continuation passes and easy yardage.

We also went through stretches where everyone was trying to do everything, followed by everyone doing nothing. Perhaps the zone threw us off a bit, although I don't know why it should have. It was a passive zone with a two-man cup. Indoors! We should cut through that like Michael Myers cuts through promiscuous teenagers.

So, let's remember to maintain our stack offense, and play our game. And crush the other team.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the game?

Something you might find interesting

At least I did when I saw this thread on the TUC BBS. I don't know who this Richard K guy is, but I like the cut of his jib.

Christian's poetic question

"What's with the random poll on the side? Are we going for dim sum?
If so, I want to come."

Uh, we're playing Sasquatch and the Dumpling Gang on Monday.  I'm not very creative.

But, if you wanted, we could go for Dim Sum.
And you could eat it, and it would be yum-yum.
Perhaps wash it down with Coke and rum.
But stinky breath; don't forget to bring gum.
Tittie boobie bum bum

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It is quite ironic that we are playing the Disciples of Love on the most romantic day of the year (9pm, BMO).

Romantic that is, if your idea of romance is drunkenly hooking up with that special someone who finds multiple shots of Irish Car Bombs and the resulting questionable attempts at Riverdance-ing to "Home for a Rest" adorable.

Otherwise, it's a messy, messy day. And so is the morning after.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boo-urns to UVT

No, wait...I was saying "Boo".
Yeah yeah, we're all disappointed that the Ultimate Volleyball Team chose to run and hide rather than face another shellacking. I thought last night would be the night that our +/- would get over 100. It's going to be much tougher to do that next week since we're playing the Disciples of Love.

Although, it did mean that I didn't have to drive all the way to Varsity (as opposed to my 10-minute walk when games are at BMO). Plus, it did allow me to go to bed at a reasonable hour without having to resort to a post-game beer (or six-pack).

In other news:

"Boobie" narrowly beat "Bum bum" and "Tittie" in the poll to determine our funniest word. I was going to use pictures, but I thought I'd keep this site safe for work (sorry pervs!). Use this new information as you see fit.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another Ultimate Volleyball team

So, we're playing the Ultimate Volleyball Team again.  We played them in the first game of the season, and played pretty well.  There was that whole spirit point thing as well where they gave us a 7; the first non-10 we have gotten in a few years.  However, I noticed in the standings we're back up to an average of 10...Tyler tells me that TUC reset our spirit score from that game.

Last time I talked about my Super Spike V'Ball prowess (which also made it's way into one of The Roman Empire's recent quizzes), but it's tough to compare that to the Top Gun volleyball scene.  Although does anyone really believe that Tom Cruise can spike over that net?

For my own little quiz...what are the call-signs of the 4 players?

Friday, March 07, 2008

My first restaurant review

Since my neighbourhood is still being built up, there aren't a lot of good places to go to get some good  food (although maybe I think I just miss Sneaky Dee's).  However, there is an Irish Pub that opened up across the street from my place, called the Brazen Head.  

I've been there four times, and to be honest, a part of me just doesn't feel it.  The food seems ok on paper, but something just doesn't work.  It's not bad, I guess, just a little heavy.

However, they have nailed two things:

1) The Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Dip
And they finally figured out the flatbread proportions.  The first few times there was a lot of dip left with nothing to scoop it with.  It's very annoying when there's dip staring at you and you can't do anything about it.

2) The after-dinner mints
They are these thick Lifesavers mints...spearmint I think...maybe peppermint.  Anyways, they are the best mints I have ever had.  If they have after-dinner mints in heaven, these are them.  Michelle and I always grab as handful extra as we leave.  Unless there is a server watching as we leave.  Then we each grab one.

Oh, make that three things...they also have Mill St. Organic on tap.

So, Brazen Head:  come for the Red Pepper and Artichoke Dip, stay for the mints.

(feel free to use in your testimonials)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hounds on Ice take Sudbury by storm

And that was just the drive up.

Yes, the drive up was not fun. For Michelle, Julie and I, it was over 8 hours, which included 45 minutes when traffic was stopped as a tractor-trailer had to be towed out of a ditch. But we eventually got to Jay and Diane's, Lyanne's parents.

At 7:30, I, Bonnie, Dan, Frogger, Jess, Joel, Julie, Lyanne, Lynchy, Matt, Michelle, Nat, Sarah, Steph and Tien got up, and were instantly reminded why Jay and Diane rock, as they served a great breakfast, with so many options. After we powered up, it was off to the driving range and Snowplate.
We went in to the tournament seeded fifth (originally 19th!). The fields were a bit small, so we threw out a zone. I believe our females even volunteered to all play cup (awesome!). We won our first two games handily against the Wingnuts and My Mailman works for the Government (fyi: so does my wife). This allowed us to get used to running in the snow, throwing with gloves on, being cold, singing our song, etc...
Our third game brought up against the PULers (aka Prostitutes, Bucket Fish), the top seed in the tournament (1st and 5th seeds in the same division? Curse you cascade seeding!). We took a commanding lead, working the disc throughout their zone. I believe we were up about 10-4, and then the Peterborough squad switched to man; a switch that worked. We had trouble adjusting our offence and they came back to 10-9. Thank jebus for hard cap.
We finished our fourth game easily against the Frozen Frisbyterians to end the day with the top seed. We were looking forward to naps, Guitar Hero (thanks Bonners!), more food, and of course, the hot tub. Especially those who got some extra aches from the day, like Julie (with a hamstring), me (with a calf) and Lyanne (with a Dan). Spaghetti hit the spot, and the Leafs won, thus further ruining their draft pick. Lots of us tried to stay up for the UFC card; most of us failed. Tittie boobie bum bum.
Sunday morning we were again present with a cornucpia of breakfast (smoothies!). So much food, we were almost late! We packed up, thanked Dan's new Mom and Dad one last time, and zoomed back to the fields. Fungus, our first opponents, apparently haven't learned the cardinal Saturday rule: don't get so drunk that you'll be hungover. Left with only 7 players, they kept it close at the beginning, as well as quoted rules that don't exist (5-2...where in the rules?). We got over it and pushed our way to victory.
In the semi-finals we came up against the Hamilton-Toronto hybrid Frost Cause. We won, and it wasn't very close. We were able to check out the PUL'ers win their semi.
In the finals, we switched up our defensive strategy and played man. The game was quite close, as teams both teams made runs and traded points. We took half 8-7, and came out gunning. We played defence as toight as a tiger and played offence with hard cuts, crisp passes and all around aggressiveness. When all was said and done, we won something like 15-10, and we were Snowplate champs!
Didn't someone say before the first game that we should make sure we have fun, but that we also have a good shot at winning?

Some highlights (please add yours in the comments):

Tien organizing the weekend and leading us to victory.
Our zone.
Lyanne lending us her parents for the weekend.
Dan trying to eliminate Lyanne so he can move in.
Floating chips in the hot tub (no chili though)
Julie the Guitar Hero.
Steph and Michelle keeping us company on the sidelines, working the score and taking pictures.
The weather was awesome. Not too cold, slight breeze, perfect as you can get for Sudbury in Winter.
Joel's catch against PULers (Frogger: "Keep going!")
Rumble strips on the highway keeping me on the road.
Lynchy, with his usual high percentage of Lynchers, uh, I mean hammers.
Jess causing countless turnovers while marking.
Frogger's beer point.
That game I made all those deep D's.
Laying out in the snow.
Playing the PULers twice (you got lucky cascade seeding...).
Beating the PUL'ers twice.
Matt getting us the Silva/Henderson fight, and explaining what was going on.
Throwing with gloves on.
Sarah constantly running.
The Swiss Chalet victory meal.
Nat almost laying out.
If you're friends with Bonners, well then you're friends with me.
Well done Hounds on Ice! Same time next year?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nature has slaughters too

I don't really have too much to say about Monday's game.  I'm kinda tired.  Maybe it was Snowplate.  Maybe it was playing hockey and then ultimate the day after Snowplate.  Maybe I'm stupid.

We beat MOB 29-7 the day after Hounds on Ice won Snowplate.  The game wasn't really ever in doubt, although we were a little sloppy at the beginning of the game.  Our defense was excellent, as evident by only giving up 7 points.  That is pretty impressive, considering MOB was the team that I'm Idahucker beat in the Tuesday finals.  This MOB team does look a little different than the summer team.  Not sure if they're any better or worse...just different.

Anyways, we beat this MOB almost as badly as how these Japanese Hornets beat a mob of Honey Bees.

Thanks to Mr. Roman for showing me this.  Sweet merciful crap!