Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'll be back

Since the Hounds won't be playing for another month, there will likely be a lull here.  Sorry, but I'm not sure if I have the time to post while I'm trying to achieve enlightenment.

Of course, there are always Bonnie's, Christian's and Hamid's sites to visit, plus here are some old favourite posts of mine.

That's right, it's a cheesy clip show, but in blog form:

As Bonners called it, the Hounds Book of Genesis
Hounds closed due to falling ice (Austin also gets inspired from American Beauty)
I still think this commercial sucks
I love this song.  Thank you Tien for giving me an excuse to post it.
Pierre's final game; I get cheesy
End of Season party, with Paper Plate Awards
In case I don't post right away when the Summer season starts in May
That kick-ass Hounds on Ice song, which was key to our Snowplate victory
I complain about my height mojo
The Hounds win Winter, but unfortunately the commenters remind us of karaoke

Next Hounds game: Monday, May 19th.  Don't forget, it's a holiday Monday.

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